Hello, and welcome to Little Spooky Studio!
My name is Regina Prager, I’m 31, and I am the sole show runner behind this operation. I started LSS in August of 2017, and have been creating wholesome spooks ever since. Some people wonder or get confused about the studio title, but when I was thinking of a business name it seemed that fit all I wanted to offer, which is everything and beyond. 2020 was the year things really took off for me and I was able to call this a full time job, and I’m so excited to see where it can go in the future.

A little background on me- I have been interested and in love with art since I was a child. Every summer I wanted to go to art camp, all of my holiday gifts involved those plastic cases filled with pencils/markers/crayons, and I would cover the walls in my doodles. Art has always been the way for me to express myself and also find happiness in a depressing world. Halloween has always provided those same outlets as well, so why not combine them! I am self taught aside from what I learned in high school. My main goal with everything I make is to make you smile. I hope you find that here, and I appreciate you so much just for stopping by.

Regina Prager
My helpers:
Momo and Beanie